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Getting Started

Before construction can begin on your website. You need to have thought through what you want the website to look like and do. If you have the information outlined below, then you are ready to start. (It would be helpful to complie this information into a document which can be used as the overall website specification)

  1. Overall Brief
    We require overall information about your company or organisation and information on what you want from your website, please give as much detail as possible. The Overall Brief will be used as our guide throughout the entire design and development process to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
  2. A Design Brief
    If you wish to specify your websites design please supply us with a Design Brief detailing colours, layout, images and logos etc. If you do wish to specify your web sites design we will create a design for you that is suited to your company or organisation.
  3. The Content
    We require page titles and content for each of your pages, including forms. Create a new MS Word or Note Pad document and name the file the title you want to use for page, enter all the content for that page indicating images where required by giving a file name or brief description.
  4. Dynamic Page Specification
    Give details of what information you will require on each dynamic page you have selected. Please give details of the functionality you wish each dynamic page to have this is optional and required only if you have intend to have dynamic content.
  5. Digital Images or Images for Scanning
    Supply us with any images that you require for your website. If you do not have any graphics then 4thewww can design and make ones for you, please just give information on what images you require.

If you feel you have all or most of this information then click here to get a quote. We will then try to email you back as soon as possible so that there will be no delay in starting the creation of your website.